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Marsha Boston

Marsha Boston


Marsha Boston is a working artist whose paintings center on the myths and concepts that  define our relationship to nature. While researching the widespread application of recombinant DNA technology to our food crops, she discovered her fascination and delight with the subject of botany. Her work evolved out of her concern over the uncertain realities of genetic engineering, the accelerated speed of human dominion over nature, and her reverence for the miraculous design of plants.

The organic forms in her work begin as representational drawings. Then through repetition and kinetic memory the drawings are simplified and combined with open color.  For her, the language of the marks and colors parallel the subtler more invisible healing qualities of the plants.

Marsha was born in Santa Monica, California, and has lived in San Diego County since 1974. She graduated Suma Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California and received a Regents Fellowship to pursue a Master of Fine Arts at UCSD.  She was awarded Ford and Mayer Grants for her graduate work. 

For the last two decades, the conflict between our mechanistic worldview and our relationship to nature has been the concern informing her work.